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About the Author of Rayforce™

Rayforce™ was developed by Mr. Alexis Naveros in association with the SURVICE Engineering Company. Alexis leads several of SURVICE's Internal Research and Development (IR&D) projects, working on a variety of high-performance computing problems. Alexis is also working on Apollo™, a modern and highly optimized computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code to support real-time, physics-based simulations.

Roots in the U.S. Department of Defense

Rayforce™ was developed to support the needs within the U.S. DoD for accurate, high-speed imagery to support a variety of simulation purposes, which is one of SURVICE's core business areas. And we are now bringing this cutting-edge technology to the commercial sector.

Rayforce™ Features

  • High raytracing performance regardless of total primitive count.
  • The efficient exploitation of the coherency and locality of rays.
  • The ability to accommodate local alterations of the geometry without loss of raytracing performance or the need to reconstruct the entire space partition.

raytracing rendering