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Tank Rendering

Exceptional Performance Through Nontraditional Means

Current rendering engines use traditional and straightforward means of raytracing. Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) and Kd-tree acceleration structures are used in conjunction with Möller-Trumbore triangle intersection methods to achieve acceptable levels of performance. Rayforce™ implements an alternative approach that produces exceptional performance.


A Paradigm Shift in Computer Graphics

With the advent of multi-processor and multi-core desktop systems, high-quality images that formerly took minutes or hours to render can now be generated in real-time, at frame rates suitable for interactive viewing. Rayforce™ leverages the latest in desktop hardware with highly optimized software to provide next-generation performance . . . today.

Conference Room

Performance Benchmarks

Sample Geometry 282K Facets
Resolution 1920x1080
Processor NVIDIA GTX-690 GPU
Rays Per Second 500 Million – 1 Billion